Friday, August 3, 2012

League of Legends Ahri Cosplay by Miyuko | Sankaku Complex

Hot young cosplay sans nudity

here's some cosplay costumes from various movies, and they all really like their favorite characters

Phoenix Gamma Cosplay

Pokemon Addict: Gotta catch ‘em all!

Pokemon Addict - he is completely addicted to Pokemon card game and TV show childish. They are certain people that are addicted to stealing money from parents in order to get a game of cards / Pokemon of our latest. They will need to download all the mp3 songs of Pokemon and stone them to their iPod.

Pokemon addiction test:
You can specify the name of all 150 Pokemon A. Can I?
Two. Do you think of Pokemon at least once every 5 minutes?
Three. Can you understand that you have said to Pikachu?
Four. Rather than you, or you see a Pokemon from the Olympic Games?
Five. Do you have ever seen a Pokemon movie?
6. Did you pay more than the retail price of the product until now Pokemon?
Seven. Do you know the motto of "Team Rocket" Are you?

If you answered four or more questions above is "Yes" you, you are certified Pokemon Addict!

You are one of the following Pokemon addict?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Half Naked Aya Kiguchi Shows Why She Could Be The World’s HOTTEST Cosplayer

 After he rubbed furniture finish compilation video of her and worked her way Mighty, to flat-out clothes, showed a little birdie birdie our Cephon Altera.

Although we help, she would know if people from all over the world not only in Japan but in his native are considered one of the actress gravure model / of the nation's largest, he will Aya Kiguchi how it is not possible.

Although we do not think we would like to introduce the audience to Aya, this will stimulate him to make the costume more hopefully! Although we do not appreciate the effort Birdy from Final Fight, we Chun-Li (He showed the possibility of some serious here) you can imagine the possibility of is that you do not can not be young, maybe poison?

Download Half Naked Aya Kiguchi Shows Why She Could Be The World’s HOTTEST Cosplayer
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